Minor improvements in the Widget 🔧

Improvement 1 day ago Paulo, Founder

Today we made some minor improvements to the widget for iPhones and introduced two new functions in api javascript.

From now on you can open and close our In App Widget by API.

To learn more about this please click here.



Changelogfy finally is out of beta 🎉

New 1 week ago Paulo, Founder

As we mentioned earlier, Changelogfy is finally out of beta!

From now on all accounts are in the trial period until the last day of August 2019, if you would like to sign one of our plans, this is already possible.

Until the last day of August, all beta users will be able to subscribe to any of our plans for 50% off for a full year!

If you do not subscribe to any of our plans by the end of the trial period, your account will be downgraded to the FREE plan.

👉👉👉 Click here to understand the difference between the plans.



Introducing Danish language 🇩🇰

New 3 weeks ago Paulo, Founder

At the request of our users, we include the Danish language in the changelog widget and public page.

If you feel the need for more languages, please contact us.



Introducing Public Roadmap

New 1 month ago Paulo, Founder

We like being close to our users, so today we launch our Public Roadmap.

This way you can vote and comment on the features that will be developed, this way you will be closer to us <3

With the Public Roadmap we will also be able to prioritize the tasks of each sprint.

Follow our Roadmap to find out what we will be working on in the coming months.

👉👉👉 Access our Roadmap here

Introducing posts imports from other services ⚙️

New 1 month ago Paulo, Founder

From now on you can import Headwayapp posts.

This makes it much easier for you to migrate to Changelogfy.

We are working and soon you will be able to import posts from Beamer, AnnounceKit and other services.