Changelogfy 2.0 is Live 🔥

New 3 months ago

Our team is very happy to announce our major update!

New logomark:

Our new logomark represents our new era, with new features, proposals, and evolution. We hope you like it ❤️


Our admin has completely rebuilt and redesign.

  • Now you can enable or disable notifications for feedbacks
  • You can find Changelogs by text
  • We fixed user invites
  • Users with Google Login now can change password

New Widget:

Our widget has completely rebuilt and redesign.

The new design will enable our future plans, with new features for Changelogfy.

The widget now is compatible with VueJS and ReactJS, we will launch the npm package soon!

Changelog Page has renamed to Portal 🖥

The Portal has completely redesigned and rebuilt.

Your Portal now is based on Changelogfy subdomain, for example, and you can change this any time.

If you use a custom domain, nothing changes for you.

New features:

  • Now Changelogs can be filtered by label
  • Now you can find Changelogs by text


Our infrastructure has completely rebuilt and now we run full-on Kubernetes, with much more power 🚀

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